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24 Feb

Study in a university is a dream comes true for me. Indeed, I have graduated my diploma and undergraduate as well at STAN.  As the name implies, STAN is not a university at all. The study system and the overall process are totally different to that of a university in general. It’s not until now when I’m awarded a scholarship from SPIRIT programme and then I’m accepted at Universitas Indonesia in postgraduate Double Degree Program majoring in economics science.

As a postgraduate student, one should be familiar with campus’ life and all of its activities. However, for me it’s not to be the case. For instance I haven’t even know what IRS is, not to mention how to fill it in. Since in my previous school (STAN is closer to be classified as a school than a university) all I need to do was just came and sat in the class, did all the assignment, passed the exam, then I’d graduated. There was no IRS since what courses I had to take in each semester were all packed. Now in UI, the story is rather different. All students should register their accounts in an online system so called SIAKNG (Student Administration System – Next Generation) and fill in IRS before classes begin.

All application and submission process is done now. I’m so excited and enthusiastic that I’m ready to study economics. Hopefully this will be a pathway to drive me to success.

Depok, more than a semester ago.

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